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RE-120Castalia Nipponbashi Kouzu

  • Castalia Nipponbashi Kouzu1
  • Castalia Nipponbashi Kouzu1
Address 2-4-6, Kouzu, Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka
Structure / Floor RC/14F/B1F
Acquisition Price 3,570 million yen
Construction Date 2006.1

Property Features

‐ A three minutes walk from Nipponbashi Station on the Sakaisuji Line of the Osaka Metro Subway.
‐ The commercial district where this property is located has many medium to tall condominiums that use the lower floors for retail and office space, office buildings and other properties.
‐ The surrounding area has cultural facilities like the National Bunraku (Puppet) Theater. It is about two minutes (one station) between Nipponbashi Station and Namba Station. It is about twenty minutes to Shin-Osaka Station.


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