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RE-139Castalia Shigahondori

  • Castalia Shigahondori1
  • Castalia Shigahondori2
  • Castalia Shigahondori1
  • Castalia Shigahondori2
Address 1-15-2, Wakabadori, Kita Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi
Structure / Floor RC/15F
Acquisition Price 1,730 million yen
Construction Date 2008.2

Property Features

The property is located approximately 1 minute walk from Shiga-hondori Station on the Subway Meijo Line in a district where there is a mix of stores and residences lined with high-rise mixed-use apartment buildings, medium- and low-rise stores, offices, etc. along an arterial road. The surrounding area has a selection of stores selling daily necessities, etc., offering generally good convenience in terms of lifestyle.


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