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Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Policy

The Daiwa House Group's basic approach is "Creating Dreams, Building Hearts." As a group that co-creates value for individuals, communities and people's lifestyles, the Group aims to build trust relationships with stakeholders and contribute to society through its businesses, and to realize a sustainable society by meeting the challenge of achieving "zero environmental impacts."
Daiwa House Asset Management Co., Ltd. shares the Daiwa House Group's basic approach as DHR's asset manager, and considers that including consideration for environment, society, and governance (hereinafter referred to as "ESG") in its real estate investment management operations contributes to DHR's basic policy of ensuring stable revenue and steady growth of assets over the long term. Therefore, we have established the following "Sustainability Policy" to guide our real estate investment and management.

  • 1. Prevention of global warming

    We will promote energy conservation measures through the installation of energy conservation equipment and so forth to realize a carbon-free society. We will also consider introduction of renewable energy power generation facilities and acquisition of properties that have such equipment installed.

  • 5. Establishment of an internal framework and initiatives for employees

    We will establish an internal framework for promoting sustainability and take steps to develop personnel by conducting regular employee education and training. We will also aim to create workplaces where people can work safely and healthily, and workplaces where diverse employees can work flexibly.

  • 2. Harmony with the natural environment (preservation of biodiversity)

    We will aim for a society that is able to pass on abundant natural resources to future generations in order to protect and improve natural capital. We will also promote planting and management considering harmony with the surrounding environment.

  • 6. Building of trust relationships with external stakeholders

    We aim to build trust relationships with external stakeholders and we will work on our suppliers to enhance the satisfaction of tenant customers and promote CSR in our supply chain. We will undertake neighborhood co-existence activities with local residents.

  • 3. Conservation of natural resources (reducing waste, protecting water resources)

    We will work towards the realization of a recycling-oriented society by promoting water conservation measures through the installation of water conservation equipment and so forth. We will also promote 3R activities (reduce, reuse, and recycle) for resources.

  • 7. Promotion of communication through information disclosure

    We will proactively disclose ESG-related information and utilize or dialogues with stakeholder such as investors in our future business activities. Furthermore, we will aim for continuous acquisition of Green Building certification.

  • 4. Prevention of chemical pollution

    We will aim to realize a society where people and ecosystems to not suffer adverse effects from chemical substances and so forth by promoting reduction, substitution and appropriate management of harmful chemical substances and taking efforts to minimize risks.

  • 8. Compliance with laws and regulations, and risk management

    We will comply with ESG-related laws and regulations. Moreover, we will strive to implement appropriate risk management, such as giving consideration for the environmental and social impacts in risk evaluations when acquiring real estate and promoting awareness of human rights.

Properties Certified with DBJ Green Building Certification *

DHR has received DBJ Green Building Certification from Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) for the following properties.

- D Project Machida

D Project Hachioji

- D Project Hachioji

D Project Hachioji

- Royal Parks Toyosu

Royal Parks Toyosu

- Pacific Royal Court Minatomirai Urban Tower

Pacific Royal Court Minatomirai Urban Tower

- ACROSSMALL Shinkamagaya

ACROSSMALL Shinkamagaya

* The DBJ Green Building Certification System is a system to select and certify buildings with high environmental and social awareness, based on a comprehensive evaluation system that assesses not only the environmental performance of the properties, but also their responsiveness to the social requirements of diverse stakeholders surrounding them, among other factors.
For detailed information on the System, please visit the following website:Website of DBJ Green Building Certification: http://igb.jp/en/
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