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RE-002Castalia Azabujuban Shichimenzaka

  • Castalia Azabujuban Shichimenzaka1
  • Castalia Azabujuban Shichimenzaka2
  • Castalia Azabujuban Shichimenzaka1
  • Castalia Azabujuban Shichimenzaka2
Address 2-7-5, Azabujuban, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Structure / Floor SRC/13F/B1F
Acquisition Price 4,500 million yen
Construction Date January 5, 2005

Property Features

Azabujuban was originally a sedate area with a unique downtown atmosphere, but it is now becoming recognized as an area with rapidly increasing convenience as a result of the opening of the Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line.
Castalia Azabujuban Shichimenzaka is constructed with a design conscious of the characteristics of Azabujuban that has a dual nature of downtown charm and modern convenience.
The aesthetic design of this property is visually divided into four sections so that the intimidating sense of scale of a high-rise building is eased, and rust steel sheets with natural rust on the surface are used for the balcony railings, which gives this property a nostalgic appearance.
There is shop space on part of the first floor of Castalia Azabujuban Shichimenzaka.


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