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RE-039Castalia Takanawa

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  • Castalia Takanawa1
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Address 2-17-12, Takanawa, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Structure / Floor SRC/12F
Acquisition Price 7,430 million yen
Construction Date August 4, 2005

Property Features

‐ Approximately one minute walk from Sengakuji Station on the Toei Subway Asakusa Line.
‐ Located in a district along National Route No. 15 (Dai-Ichi Keihin) where there is a mixture of medium- to high-rise buildings that include office and retail buildings as well as condominium complexes and such.
‐ This property was constructed with so-called “for-sale specifications,” meaning that both the design and quality are good. The size and facilities of each apartment surpass the standard level for rental properties.
‐ The property is expected to enjoy strong rental demand among business people who emphasize access convenience and other location factors, and the DINKs and family segments that desire proximity to the center of Tokyo and a good living environment. The property is expected to maintain its competitiveness in the medium- to long-term.


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