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RE-117Castalia Shin-Umeda

  • Castalia Shin-Umeda1
  • Castalia Shin-Umeda1
Address 6-8-21, Nakatsu, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka
Structure / Floor RC/11F
Acquisition Price 1,376 million yen
Construction Date February 14, 2005

Property Features

‐ Approximately six minutes walk southwest of Nakatsu Station on the Hankyu Line.
‐ A condominium complex comprised primarily of compact type units that face either west or south.
‐ Umeda Ward is also a major commercial and retail area with a high concentration of large-scale retail propertyes, hotels, as well as cultural and entertainment facilities. In addition, the area boasts an expansive underground shopping mall, and is commonly acknowledged as the largest retail district in western Japan.
‐ Being a region situated in close proximity to downtown Osaka and boasting a high level of convenience in terms of lifestyle, the region is in high demand by singles and families alike and attracts strong leasing demand.


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