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RE-123Castalia Higashi Hie

  • Castalia Higashi Hie1
  • Castalia Higashi Hie1
Address 5-31, Hie-cho, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
Structure / Floor RC/10F
Acquisition Price 960 million yen
Construction Date November 6, 2007

Property Features

‐ A three minute walk from Higashihie Station on the municipal subway Airport Line.
‐ A ten-story condominium complex comprised of 1LDK, 1DK, 1R and 1K type units.
‐ Located in excellent transit convenience with travel to the airport taking about three minutes as Fukuoka Airport is one station away on the subway Airport Line and travel to Tenjin Station taking about eight minutes and traversing three stations.
‐ The living environment is also great with Mikasa River on the northeast and Hie Park on the southwest of the property. Thus, a strong base of rental demand for this unit among business bachelors/bachelorettes and singles can be expected because it excels in transit convenience and living environment.


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