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LB-011D Project Neyagawa

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  • D Project Neyagawa1
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Address 2-24-12, Shimeno, Neyagawa City, Osaka
Structure / Floor SRC/4F
Acquisition Price 5,980 million yen
Construction Date July 23, 2009

Property Features

- Located within approx. 4 km from the Osaka Chuo Kanjio Highway, approx. 5 km from the Settsu Minami IC on the Kinkin Expressway and approx. 4.5 km from the entrance and exit of the Hanshin Expressway Moriguchi Route, and near Settsu City, a logistics area
- Relatively good traffic access as National Route 1 is the major trunk line connecting Kyoto and Osaka
- Large motor vehicles have easy access from National Route 1

Press Release

March 5, 2021
Notice Concerning Building-Housing Energy-efficiency Labelling System ("BELS") Certification(PDF:447KB)
November 28, 2012
Notice Concerning Completion of Acquisition of Assets(PDF:60.7KB)


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