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LB-024DPL Inuyama

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Address 1-8, Aza Nakahiratsuka, Oaza Haguroshinden, Inuyama City, Aichi
Structure / Floor S/3F
Acquisition Price 3,940 million yen
Construction Date September 18, 2013

Property Features

- The property features high location advantages as a key logistics base for wide-area distribution in the Chubu zone, enjoying good access to expressways and major roads, situated approx. 6km to the Komaki Interchange on the Tomei and Meishin Expressways and approx. 3km to the National Highway Route 41.

Press Release

May 26, 2016
Notice Concerning Interested Party Transaction(PDF:125KB)
March 3, 2014
Notice Concerning Acquisition of Trust Beneficiary Interests in Domestic Real Estate(PDF:1006KB)


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