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LB-059D Project Kitahachioji III

  • D Project Kitahachioji III1
  • D Project Kitahachioji III2
  • D Project Kitahachioji III1
  • D Project Kitahachioji III2
Address 2969-19, Ishikawamachi, Hachioji City, Tokyo
Structure / Floor S+RC/4F
Acquisition Price 7,300 million yen
Construction Date June 1, 2014

Property Features

– This property is located approximately 1.3km and 2.1km from National Route 20 and a loop line National Route 16, respectively, which allows it to function as a hub for not only the Tama area with the growing population, but also Saitama, as well as central Tokyo via National Route 20

Press Release

August 30, 2019
Notice Concerning Building-Housing Energy-efficiency Labelling System (“BELS”) Certification and DBJ Green Building Certification(PDF:448KB)
February 8, 2019
Notice Concerning Acquisition and Leasing of Trust Beneficiary Interests in Domestic Real Estate(PDF:1.7MB)


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