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Identified Materiality

Materiality Identification Process

In 2021, DHR identified ESG-related materiality through the following process.

Step 1Extracting sustainability issues

Sustainability issues related to DHR were extracted using various global ESG assessments,
sustainability disclosure standards, and the SDGs.

Step 2Setting priority rankings

We set priority rankings from the extracted issues by verifying the state of DHR’s disclosure and
response and through interviews with management of the Asset Manager.

Step 3Confirming validity

To ensure objectivity, CSR Design Green Investment Advisory Co., Ltd. reviewed our “selection
process” and “identified materiality.”

Step 4Discussions and approval by management

Discussions were held and approval was made by the Sustainability Committee.

The items below are deemed important by DHR in terms of DHR’s asset characteristics and management policy, and do not signify importance as social issues.

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