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Social Initiatives

Socially Conscious Initiatives

DHR promotes socially conscious facilities and services at its properties.

■Universal Design

■Contribution to communities

Initiatives to Increase Tenant Satisfaction

DHR conducts surveys to grasp tenants’ needs and satisfaction in the belief that increasing tenant satisfaction leads to stable and improved property-operating performance. It shares its surveys’ findings with property management (PM) companies and other concerned parties and uses them to upgrade building/equipment specifications and services.
In February 2019, DHR utilized a third-party institution to survey tenants across all of its logistics properties (64% response rate). We received “Very satisfied” or “satisfied” rating from some 63% of the tenants.

Tenant Engagement Programs

DHR promotes environmental initiatives in collaboration with tenants of its properties. At some properties, DHR regularly confers with tenants in the aim of sharing environmental information and reduction targets. Furthermore, initiatives are underway to increase awareness of environmental issues through distribution and posting of the sustainability guide.

Initiatives to Contribute to Local Community

■Local job creation

At some retail properties owned by DHR, local residents are given priority when applying for jobs.

■Support for community activities

Some retail properties owned by DHR host events as one form of support for community activities.

The Asset Manager employees participate in a litter cleanup activity in response to a public park authority’s call for volunteers.

In residential properties owned by DHR, DHR contributes to community activities by paying dues to neighborhood associations.

Learn more about Daiwa House Group’s activities for co-creation with community.

Health and Well-being

■Health and Welfare

DHR contributes to the health and well-being of its tenants and users by equipping its properties with amenities such as workout gym.

■Safety and well-being

DHR enhances public spaces at some properties owned by DHR by installing and maintaining public squares and pedestrian walkways to promote safety and well-being.

■Community-related violations and accidents

There were neither significant community-related violations nor accidents at DHR-owned properties that would affect stakeholders in FY ended Mar. 2019.

Disaster Relief/Resilience

The city of Shinkamagaya, where ACROSSMALL Shinkamagaya is located, registers as “emergency communal wells” the wells that can provide well water to local residents when tap water supply is cut off in the event of a major earthquake or other disasters.
DHR supports this program and has registered ACROSSMALL Shinkamagaya’s groundwater supply source as an emergency communal well.

Disaster Relief/Resilience

Initiatives for Suppliers

The Asset Manager has established Sustainable Procurement Policy as one of policies to implement individual directives listed in the Sustainability Policy. The Policy pertains to criteria for selecting products and services and selecting and evaluating suppliers (e.g., property management (PM) companies, service providers, goods suppliers) and promotes CSR throughout DHR’s supply chain.

Learn more about Daiwa House Group’s CSR initiatives for suppliers.

■Supplier-related violations and accidents

There were neither significant supplier-related violations nor accidents at DHR-owned properties that would affect stakeholders in FY ended Mar. 2019.

Initiatives for Employees

The Asset Manager sets up an internal program to promote sustainability and endeavors to develop its human resources by regularly conducting education and training sessions for employees. Additionally, it aims to create workplaces where diverse employees can work safely, healthily and flexibly.

Learn more about such initiatives.

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