Daiwa House REIT

TSE code : 8984

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Features of DHR

Aims to continuously increase Unitholder Value by ensuring stable revenue and steady growth of assets

A diversified REIT that invests in four core assets

The core assets are logistics properties, residential properties, retail properties, and hotels
Invests mainly in the three metropolitan areas: the Greater Tokyo area, the Greater Nagoya area, and the Greater Osaka area
Builds a diversified portfolio, consisting of assets with various risk-return profiles, that achieves excellent revenue stability

Collaboration with Daiwa House Group

Leverages the value chain built on Daiwa House Group’s well-rounded strengths
Receives Daiwa House Group’s pipeline support such as preferential negotiation rights
Expands asset size mainly through the acquisition of properties developed by Daiwa House Group
Cuts administration and operation costs through cooperation with Daiwa House Group

Stable financial operation

Lengthens and diversifies debt maturities and fix interest rates
Controls LTV (based on total assets including goodwill) within a range from 40% to 50% to maintain stable financial operation
Builds solid lender formation
Stabilizes distributions by utilizing retained earnings
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