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RE-001Qiz Ebisu

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Address 4-3-1, Ebisu, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
Structure / Floor RC/10F/B1F
Acquisition Price 7,650 million yen
Construction Date February 28, 2005

Property Features

The area around Ebisu where this property is located is one of the most popular high-end residential areas in Tokyo along with neighboring Daikanyama, Hiroo and Shirokanedai.
At the same time, in order to capitalize on this property’s ideal location of one minute by foot from the east exit of JR Ebisu Station and to maximize its potential in a commercial area, Qiz Ebisu was constructed as a complex property with commercial stores on its lower floors and condominiums on its middle and upper floors.
The stores at this property are arranged in a linear fashion giving the sense that they are individual shops facing a street to enable a smooth approach from the station and the road at the front of this property.
The entrance of the residential part of this property is separate from the entrance for the stores and is designed to blend in with the urban scenery while ensuring the privacy of residents so that both the residential part and the stores at this property can co-exist.
Further, in order to create a relaxed living space at this property, gardens and greenery have been planted in underground spaces and on rooftop balconies and wooden decks that accent a sense of material have been used in the common corridors.


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