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RE-048Castalia Toritsudaigaku

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  • Castalia Toritsudaigaku1
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Address 1-4-1, Midorigaoka, Meguro Ward, Tokyo
Structure / Floor RC/6F
Acquisition Price 648 million yen
Construction Date September 17, 1968
(Note) Renovation date is January 27, 2005.

Property Features

Castalia Toritsudaigaku is located in a popular residential area, but aging of both interior and exterior of the building was noticeable and its seismic capacity was in accordance with the old seismic standard.
Further, the room layout focused mainly on Japanese rooms, which does not necessarily meet the current needs of tenants.
Therefore, by refining the construction of this property by carrying out antiseismic reinforcement and renewing equipment, piping, and residential facilities while maintaining the existing building frame, changing the room layout to a more convenient and accessible one, and introducing innovative and bold aesthetic designs, this property was recreated as a lease property that is suitable for the modern lifestyle.


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