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RE-107Royal Parks Hanakoganei

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  • Royal Parks Hanakoganei1
  • Royal Parks Hanakoganei2
  • Royal Parks Hanakoganei3
Address 1-8-2, Hanakoganei, Kodaira City, Tokyo
Structure / Floor RC/14F
Acquisition Price 5,300 million yen
Construction Date February 15, 2006

Property Features

The property is located approximately three minutes walk from Hanakoganei Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line and is an urban collective rental housing occupying one corner of the Hanakoganei station north exit redevelopment zone. The surrounding area boasts lush greenery and is an area undergoing comprehensive town development through the combined efforts of the government, public sector and private sector as “HANAKO SQUARE.” Enjoying excellent transit access to central business districts and central urban areas via the Seibu Shinjuku Line, strong demand can be anticipated from commuters to the city center and families emphasizing both close proximity to the city center and living environment. For the housing portion, a rent-guaranteed type master lease agreement is executed with Daiwa House Group’s Daiwa Living Co., Ltd.

Press Release

December 22, 2021
Notice Concerning BELS Certification (First “ZEB” (Highest Evaluation) Granted in J-REITs) (PDF:1.0MB)
March 19, 2018
Notice Concerning DBJ Green Building Certification(PDF:300KB)
September 5, 2011
Notice Concerning the Proposed Acquisition of Real Estate and Trust Beneficiary Rights in Real Estate(PDF:1.5MB)


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