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LB-001D Project Machida

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Address 2-1-6, Oyamagaoka, Machida City, Tokyo
Structure / Floor S+RC/5F
Acquisition Price 9,200 million yen
Construction Date October 1, 2006

Property Features

- Located near National Route 16, which connects to the Yokohama/Machida IC on the Tomei Expressway and the Hachioji IC on the Chuo Expressway
- Distribution base that can be used for wider-area distribution, mainly in the southeastern region of the Tokyo metropolitan area
- Sufficient parking lots on the premise

Press Release

March 31, 2021
Notice Concerning Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (“CASBEE”) for Real Estate Certification and Building-Housing Energy-efficiency Labelling System (“BELS”) Certification(PDF:410KB)
March 29, 2019
Notice Concerning Building-Housing Energy-efficiency Labelling System (“BELS”) Certification and DBJ Green Building Certification(PDF:304KB)
April 12, 2017
Notice Concerning DBJ Green Building Certification(PDF:396KB)
August 25, 2016
Notice Concerning Interested Party Transactions(PDF:131KB)
November 29, 2012
Notice Concerning Completion of Acquisition of Assets(PDF:61.1KB)


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